Do you have a Blog / Pinterest / Facebook page etc.  on crafts, art, design, creativity or fashion?

Bloggers can take advantage of the Design Dye Affiliate program by utilizing Design Dye tutorials, images, demonstration samples and content as posts, newsletters or as banner ads.  All postings / content would be given a unique tracking link to and all successful sales would create commissions to the blogger. 

Do you have an online webstore?

Online retailers can become affiliates.  Instead of the upfront costs and risk associated with buying inventory and the expenses of order fulfillment, retailers can create a product page or ad on their website that explains the exciting results and benefits of Design Dye products.  From that product page, a tracked link sends customers directly to's order page.  There customers can order Design Dye products, and with their successful purchase a commission to the online retailer is earned.

Just love to email your friends? 

Anyone with an email list can become a Design Dye Affiliate.  You can explain the benefits of Design Dye products to your friends / community and with a provided tracking link, their sales will result in your commissions.

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