Looking for A Great Kids Activity? 

Design Dye is a great kids activity for crafts.

Children and adults can decorate their own clothes or other fabric or wood items!!   Design Dye is fun, easy enough for anyone to use and safe and Non-Toxic.

Design Dye is simple colored paper kids and adults can cut into shapes, put down on fabric or wood and parents can iron.  The dye from the paper will move into the fabric and unlike iron-on patches Design Dye has no texture, and never cracks or peels, it's a dye!

Because Design Dye is a paper dye there's no mess.  And like dyes you can mix colors, but not by messy mixing but by overlapping. Great kids activities crafts.


Check out our Design Dye Basic Kit.  It has enough Design Dye for dozens of projects, and what a great party idea.  A kit of Design Dye and kids can add decorations to clothes, pillowcases, and an array of other great things.  Give the items made by the kids away as gifts to the family.  Check out the Design Dye Basic Kit by click here.

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