Design Dye SAMPLER


Design Dye SAMPLER


The Design Dye SAMPLER is a great opportunity to explore the limitless applications and quality results achieved with Design Dye.  You will be amazed by the safe and no-mess process, the ease of use, and the fantastic colors and techniques.  

Design Dye is a paper coated with a specialized dye that you can cut out into shapes and graphics, put color side down onto fabric and iron.  The dye will move from the paper into your fabric!!  Unlike Iron-on transfers, Design Dye does not leave a texture or patch, it's a dye!!  Overlap to mix colors and create custom hues or shades.  

Design Dye SAMPLER Contains:  

  • 5 Large 8 in x 5 in Sheets of Design Dye in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black.  Mix to create other colors. 
  • 1/2 oz Design Dye Prep Spray to prepare cotton, organic fabrics and woods for Design Dye
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Protective Ironing Tissue
  • Fabric Sample For Testing Iron Temperature and Ironing Times
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