Fabric Dye - Colored Paper Fabric Dye

Fabric Dye - Paper Fabric Dye by Design Dye

Fabric Dye - Paper Fabric Dye by Design Dye

fabric dye

Clothes and most fabrics are dyed with liquid fabric dyes, which prove to be messy, hard to dispose of and full of chemicals.  Finally a simple fabric dye made out of colored paper is available!  Non-Toxic, easy and fun to use, Design Dye is a fantastic fabric dye that works on synthetic fabrics, organic fabrics and blends. 

fabric dyes

Fun and easy to use, all you have to do is cut out a shape of your choosing, iron it, and your fabric is dyed!  Add another color to mix.  Sharp edges, great colors and best of all no mess.

fabric dye paper

A great fabric dye, that's fun and not a total mess, Design Dye is available to be shipped to your home through our online store.  We can't wait for you to experience the fun and ease of a paper fabric dye - Design Dye.

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