Design Dye is an exclusive colored paper coated with a safe Non-Toxic dye.  With simple scissors and a little imagination, Design Dye can be cut to create custom designs that can be dyed into garments, fabrics, woods, papers and more all with a household iron. 

Design Dye is NOT an iron-on transfer and will not leave a textured patch on top of your surfaces.

Design Dye is Easy and Fun to Use, With No Mess!

Cut Design Dye with scissors, a craft knife or a cutting machine.  Place color-side down on your fabric or wood.

Cover with the protective ironing paper (included with Design Dye).  Iron for 25 - 35 seconds.

The design is now dyed into the fabric or wood.  Results are washable.  Add another color to mix.

Design Dye is an amazing Art material, you have to try! 



How to Videos

Learn the basics of using Design Dye for your own projects with these simple and easy to follow instructional video.

Great Project Ideas

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Design Dye is available in an assortment of colors and quantities for use in all your creative projects. Check out the Design Dye store.